Roofing Installation Services

LP Platinum are different than your typical roofing company. For one, we use higher quality products than most companies. For another, our dedicated roofing team comes with years of experience and a detailed-oriented approach that is unmatchable!

The products used by LP Platinum come with longer warranties than those used by other roofing companies. As a result, LP Platinum also offers longer warranties for workmanship than any of our competitors!

For roofing, LP Platinum uses GAF Shingles. GAF Is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. They are highly recommended by many homeowners and contractors. The most common shingle we use is the Timberline® High Definition® . These are fiberglass, asphalt shingles and are the #1 selling shingles in North America.

We also offer the following roofing services:

  • Lifetime Roofing Systems
    • Includes cedar shakes and shingles
  • Deck Armor
    • Provides another layer of protection between the roof deck and shingles
    • Prevents windy rain getting into covered areas
    • Lays shingles more uniformly to reduce the chances being blown off
  • And other services

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