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There are more ways than ever before to make your home energy efficient. One of the top ways you can achieve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills is by installing a new roof, adding insulation, and ensuring you have appropriate ventilation in your home.

Energy Star Roof Products

Products that feature an Energy Star label have met the government regulated requirements to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants by being highly efficient. The label also indicates that the products have a lower energy usage — this results in cost savings for the consumer.

When it comes to roofing products, Energy Star rated materials will reflect more of the sun’s rays which lowers the surface temperature of a roof. A cooler roof means that there is less heat being transferred into the building, and this means that the need for air conditioning is reduced (AKA lower cooling bills).


When you are replacing your roof it’s the perfect time to install insulation. The team at LP Platinum is experienced with helping homeowners improve their energy efficiency by installing insulation before a new roof is installed.

Once the old roofing materials are removed, the roof decking is exposed. At this point in the process, we can assess the surface to ensure there isn’t any rot or damage, and replace any parts of the decking as needed. It is also the time when we can remove a section of decking to add insulation to the cavity between your attic ceiling and the roof decking.

There are many kinds of insulation ranging from rigid foam to blown in and they have different pros and cons depending on your unique situation. We recommend you speak with one of LP’s experts about the best option for your home.


Ensuring that your roof has proper ventilation is important to keep it from rotting and deteriorating. When warm air rises in your home, it rises up to your roof. If that warm air is trapped, it will form condensation and this will lead to mould, rot, and a roof that reaches an early end of life.

Every roof is different and determining the number, and type, of vents will be based on your square footage and using a calculation based on exhaust and intake.

There are many ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Give LP Platinum a call to start the conversation about what will be best for your unique situation.

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