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Preparing your home for the winter season involves the usual tasks like putting away the patio furniture, making sure your furnace is in good working order, and cleaning out the eavestrough.  At LP Platinum, we recommend to all of our customers that, as part of your winter preparation, you examine your roof.

If you can examine your roof safely and you notice shingles peeling or cracking, water pooling, or asphalt punctures (to name a few), we recommend that you have your roof repaired or replaced before the winter season.

Waiting to have your roof repaired or replaced until next spring may not be a wise choice. Leaving problems unattended over the winter season can result in more serious problems, including damage to the interior of your home.

Here are our top four reasons to repair your roof before winter:

#1- A quality roof will better insulate your home from cold temperatures and moisture.

#2- The autumn weather, with temperatures between 7-10° Celsius, is ideal for the thermal sealing of asphalt shingles. Shingles seal faster in the fall (as compared with the summer) and fixing problems now will ensure that your new roof shingles have enough time to sufficiently bond to the roof before the snow arrives.

#3- Snow storms can make roof holes much worse. A little leak can quickly turn into a big hole. Addressing your roofing issues, before heavy snowfalls, may help to avoid emergency situations.

#4- A new roof will help to reduce your heating bills compared to a roof with leaks, holes, and other issues.

Contact the experts at LP Platinum to inquire about roof installation, restoration, and repair before winter arrives.

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  • Keeley Wilkinson

    Great article!! Taking care of roof for the winter season is very important because we don’t want any unwelcome damage or surprises during winter. The reasons you had shared are really amazing. Keep sharing such information.

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