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It’s great to add more natural light to your home. It’s nice to bring fresh air in. It’s beautiful to see the sun during the day and stars at night. The good news is that you can accomplish all of these things without a huge renovation by installing a skylight. Here are LP Platinum’s top reasons to install a skylight in your home.

Bring natural light into your home

We’ve all seen the magazines with natural light flowing into the kitchen or the bathroom from above. It looks stunning, and it’s good for your health.

  • Exposure to natural light reduces depression, seasonal affective disorder, and headaches while boosting productivity and mood.
  • Adding a skylight is a great way to lighten a dark room without installing a whole bunch of new lighting that will eventually go out of style.

Improve the air quality and ventilation in your home

Skylights that open provide an easy way for homeowners to bring fresh air into their homes.

  • Skylights help to air out the strong cooking smells that can sometimes occur — everyone knows how strong your home can smell after you cook bacon.
  • Adding a skylight is a great way to let warm air escape. They will help to reduce your energy costs on hotter days as you won’t need to run your air conditioner as often.
  • Skylights in the bathroom are more than just luxurious, they are also practical. A bathroom skylight will allow the moist air to escape which reduces the humidity and incidents of mould growth.

Increase your resale value

Even in today’s hot housing market people are looking for ways to increase their resale value. A skylight is a great way to improve your curb appeal.

  • Skylights are visible from outside the home, adding a wow factor.
  • Skylights add light from above which improves the interior but doesn’t diminish privacy.
  • Skylights are available with solar powered blinds which is convenient and energy saving.

There are many good reasons to install skylights in your home. At LP Platinum, our expert team will work with you to determine the best skylight options for your unique situation. Visit us online and give us a call to learn more.

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