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At LP Platinum, we get a lot of questions from our customers about flat roofs, how to care for flat roofs, how to repair flat roofs, and much more. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is a flat roof?

A flat roof is a roof that has a pitch (or slope) of up to 10°. It has a very low slope compared with pitched roofs and generally appears almost level.

What are the advantages of a flat roof?

A flat roof is typically less expensive to install and repair than a pitched roof. It also is an excellent choice for smaller structures or where space is limited (e.g. an addition, a shed, or an area surrounded by mature trees).

If your location is appropriate and your structure is able to handle additional load-bearing weight, a flat roof can allow for the planting of a green roof and help you reduce your carbon footprint. A green roof can help by reducing run-off, conserving energy, and minimizing heat loss.

A flat roof can also allow for additional living space. Depending on its location, and it’s ability to handle additional weight, you can turn a flat roof into a deck and enjoy increased outdoor living space.

What are the disadvantages of a flat roof?

A flat roof is typically less durable and doesn’t tend to last as long as a pitched roof. Flat roof materials and technology has greatly improved over the last few decades, but they are still more susceptible to wear as they do not allow water, snow, ice, and other items to slide off the surface. This additional exposure to moisture and weight reduces the lifespan when compared with pitched roofs.

Drain maintenance is extremely important with flat roofs. If leaves and other debris are not regularly cleared away from the eavestrough and downpipes then the added pressure and weight of the water will create puddling which puts a great deal of strain on a flat roof.

Lastly, depending on how a flat roof has been constructed, they are not always able to handle human traffic. This means that you may not be able to construct additional living space as the extra weight on the surface may result in cracking of the membrane. It is important to have your flat roof professionally assessed before deciding to build on the surface.

For more flat roof information and tips, contact a member of the expert team at LP Platinum.

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