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Fusion Homes

Fusion Homes are committed to exceeding industry standards on a daily basis. They love to go above and beyond for their clients, delivering world-class customer service and some of the most energy efficient homes on the market! LP Platinum are proud to be a trusted partner of this amazing company and to help them reach their energy saving goals.

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GAF Roofing

GAF is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. They are highly recommended by many homeowners and contractors, which is why LP Platinum uses them for all our roofing work. The advanced quality of their products, their history of expertise, and their simple roofing solutions are just a few reasons why GAF are the best in the business.

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Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products is a leading manufacturer and distributer of state-of-the-art building materials for remodeling homes. LP Platinum chooses to use Royal products because of their commitment to quality, innovation and strong customer relations. Like us, they’re a company that values trust and loyalty in all that they do!

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Golden Eye Developments

Golden Eye Developments is a custom home builder based in the Kitchener area. Their company is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality homes, created using top notch materials and methods. They want to deliver results that new owners can be proud of. We are equally proud to work with them!

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Inspirah Property Management Ltd

Inspirah Property Management is committed to managing your property as if it were their own. This growing team of professionals specializes in rental services, condominium and residential property management. They currently manage condos in the Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and London regions. The Inspirah team possesses the skills, resources and experience needed to meet your needs and we are happy to include them as one of our partners.